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At HelpMeBuild, we strive to provide you the top of the line Design-build services, smart home and building automation solutions. With our exclusive range of interactive screens, smart home products and parametric furniture, the universe of your dreams can fit right in your own space.

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HelpMeBuild is a one of its kind organisation that provides innovative and technology-driven solutions for the most basic to the most complex problems. With our unique team of designers, architects, programmers and craftsmen, we provide the following services:

Design | Build

A unique combination of enthusiasm and experience drives us to create extraordinary design-build solutions for our clients that perfectly fit in with their requirements.

Building Automation

The world of millennials is powered by technology and convenience. You can make your home, office, hotel or any other space a part of that global revolution with our building automation and smart home solutions.


From interactive screens like smart mirrors, tables and kiosks to switchable glass, experience the world of 'smart' like never before with our exclusive range of smart products.


Experience an amalgamation of form and fluidity with our custom-made range of parametric furniture. Inspired by the deep waves of the ocean, the furniture mimics their blissful aesthetic in the most stunning way possible.


Design Build Services

At Design l Build, we are committed to embracing the individuality of each project and bring forth unique solutions to cater each space in the most optimal manner possible. Choose us to experience the best of design, execution and innovation.


HelpMeBuild's Design-build services draw from the past to build for the future. We aim to incorporate architectural histories with contemporary...


Several years of practice have blessed us with some very unique projects that we are proud of having on our portfolio.

About Us

Our solutions are all-inclusive integrated project solutions in the field of architecture, interiors, construction and procurement across various industry...


Building Automation

Technology has changed the way we live and function. To help you keep up with the changing trends, we have some really unique smart home and building automation solutions that will make you experience convenience and luxury at another level.

Interactive Screens

The world of 'touch' is taking the market by storm making interactive screens a hit among the masses. From smart mirrors and tables to kiosks, we offer a wide range of solutions for today's technology-driven era. Are you ready?

what are interactive screens?

Interactive screens are computer driven devices that allow its users to access the information stored on it by the means of an LED display that takes inputs via touch. They can serve a wide variety of purposes ranging from entertainment and education to convenience and luxury. Our interactive LED screens also offer the users an opportunity to customise the system according to their needs. Explore your options here.


Parametric Furniture

The conventional and sleek furniture has now evolved to something more innovative, creative and elaborate. Inspired by the waves of the ocean, parametric furniture features lines, curves and shapes that step out of the box of everything conventional to give your residence or commercial space a custom-made delight that is always a sight to behold.



" The work done by HelpMeBuild is a rare fusion of professionalism, timely delivery and attention to each detail. I couldn't have made a better choice."

" Great job with the Nuovo Smart Mirror! It has the ability to access most of my favourite apps like Facebook, Gmail, Uber and much more. A wonderful piece of technology for every millennial out there. "

" It is a pleasure to work with HelpMeBuild. Their team has a deep understanding of space utilisation and are able to bring to great ideas, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the table. Would love to work with them again. "


Smart Glass

Finding it difficult to make the choice between frosted or clear glass? Or find frosted glass too opaque and clear glass too transparent at times? Well, with us you don't have to make that choice anymore! Give your boring and conventional glass panels a ditch for our intelligent switchable glass that lets you change its transparency level at the flick of a switch. Opaque, transparent or translucent, all the choices right at your fingertips.





About Smart Glass

This next generation alternative for glass, blinds and draperies allows you to easily make the switch between clear glass to a whitish translucent glass. It brings complete vision control right to your fingertips.


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