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Interactive Screens

What if your mirror could book your Uber? Or your table could notify you about the traffic on the road? All of that is now possible with interactive screens from . Your regular table, mirror and kiosks are now equipped and armed with technology to banish all inefficiencies and give you the total control of all big and small things that matter.

Smart Mirror

Nuovo touchscreen smart mirror can do anything and everything with its state-of-the-art technology,
Nuovo smart mirror android app and app chatbot feature such as:

Linux based OS

Smart Touch Technology

HD Resolution

Service & Support

Make in India

Great Cost

Voice Control

Remote Operating

Multi-user friendly

Energy Efficient

Smart Table

Nuovo Smart Tables aim to change the way tables are viewed. Stepping up on the role of traditional tables, now, they can perform much more functions than just holding things. With an inbuilt computer and an HD display, interactive tables by Nuovo are designed to promote engagement and are fully customisable.

Nuovo Smart Tables are ideal for sectors like:
Let us build a smart table for you

Our curated team can create the perfect smart table for you with your environment, functionality and budget in mind. Just choose your size, finish, content and table features. It is simpler than you think and something that we excel at.


Connecting with the customers has become a challenging job these days but our life-size interactive kiosks can draw them in for you. These non-invasive platforms offer you all the features that you need to deliver an impressive self-service experience. With a customisable design and software, our interactive kiosks solutions deliver an inviting, engaging and empowering user experience.

Ideal for:

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