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This Independence Day, Bring The Indian Vibe To Your Home With These Home Decor IdeasDecor | Styling Ideas

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With Independence Day around the corner, we become a little too proud of our Indian roots and after all, it is also a time to celebrate it. A feeling of patriotism is invoked when we see our flag flying high in the sky, as the nation celebrates the day. At such a time, show your love for the nation and its culture by incorporating Indian culture in your home decor. These Independence Day inspired decor ideas won't just reflect your patriotic spirit, but will also help in adding value and class to your home. Apart from a tricolour styled decor, rich colours and textures are the predominant elements. These will help you give your home a palatial feel, keep reading to know more about these decor ideas.

Let the soil be your muse

Indian decor is incomplete without the use of some warm and welcoming accents like yellow, red, orange and brown. These earthly colours are the epitome of charm and can instantly rev up gloomy interiors. You can combine them with other tones from the same palette like beige and cream to create a stunning backdrop. If you already have your furniture in brighter shades, then go for covers and cushions in these chic colours and see them outshine everything else.

Go natural

Indian decor is all about blending in with the nature, natural elements like bamboo, wood and jute find special place in the heart of its interiors. You too can bring in these elements to your house to create a lasting impact. Go for a bed made of bamboo or an alternate seating space made up of jute, these will definitely add oodles of rustic charm to your home. Intricate wooden carvings are also a beautiful side to Indian decorating ideas. Get a centre table with delicate wood carvings or a frame for the mirror, they surely won't disappoint you.

Go desi with your artwork

Adding an ethnic Indian painting is a go go if you are looking for an opulent and inviting look. Be it be a landscape or an epic painting, these are a must have for a warm look. You can go for a Madhubani painting, a Mughali painting or some folk artwork. What sets these artworks apart from the rest is the fact that each one of them are made by master craftsmen with a technique that is passed on from generation to generation. Also, keep in mind to add a lot of elephant and Buddha figurines for that quirky touch.

Make textures your best friend

You can also add an extra layer of warmth to your home decor with Indian patterns and textures in yellow, orange and red. Go for pillows and cushions with traditional embroidery that are made to perfection by hand and are available in limited quantities only. If you like being exclusive then, this could be your cue, traditional Indian embroidery is done by hand and therefore, it boasts of each piece as a unique one. You can also bring Indian floor lamps and terra cota vases in bronze and gold to complete the look.

Don't forget to add the tricolour to your house for an added sense of pride.

Images via Minmit, Dress Your Home, Flickr, Pinterest

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