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In The Lap Of Luxury: The Boulders, ArizonaArchitecture | Iconic Architecture

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With a quaint resemblance to the make-believe Flintstone fantasy of Bedrock town, woven into the wild outdoors of the foothills of the Sonoran Desert in Scottsdale, the Boulders is a breakaway Resort and Spa bursting with adventure and surreal indulgence, away from the stringency and rigidity of conventional hotel design.

Luxury redefined at the famed Casita Villa

In close vicinity to architect Frank Lloyd Wrights winter home speaking a mated architectural language, the resort gets a modern refurbish in design whilst sustaining the ruggedness and unembellished beauty of the desert. Known for their site responsive architectural design, Di Leonardo- a firm based in Rhode Island were more than influential in putting the hotel back into business. Adamant in the styling of some old west homes in Arizona, the analogy is evident in the overlay of the new design. Spread out on a 13 hundred acre site, the Boulders encompass a total of 160 guest casitas, 61 villas and 7 themed restaurants hailed with an extravagant lounge and engaging outdoor spaces all-encompassing 2 golf courses,8 tennis courts and a semi-open spa retreat.

Adobe walls, smoke-stacks and pitched roof verandas

In response to the extreme temperatures of the Arizona desert climate, Adobe construction is a dominant feature as seen in a majority of the built structures. The Spanish influenced technique involves the use of adobe brick walls sealed and finished with adobe mud or stucco. Besides being aesthetically appeasing, it offers high strength durability and is eco- friendly in view of its low carbon footprint. Skylights, picture windows coupled with the raw beauty of unfinished fireplaces, rustic wooden doors as well as the dusky browns and ochres help bring the untamed outdoors in. The superimposed structures follow the natural gradient of the contouring terrain intended to blend in with the surroundings. The understated and easy on the eye architectural style is refreshing as much as it is inherent.

Feel the warm fireplace and the wooden decor

The interiors were set for a massive renovation inclusive of the 550 sqft guest rooms or casitas tainted in hues of orange and earthy tones in sync with the passive adobe exterior. The decor inside is a reflection of the old-style Native American era of design with contemporary high back lounge furniture, stylized ceiling fans and tasteful artwork from well-known regional artists.

Outdoor flagstone flooring and the demure Latilla Ballroom

Spaces allotted for events and social gatherings are given top priority by way of their strategic location and flexibility. One such customized zone is the Latilla Ballroom that epitomizes sophistication and comfort. The blue and orange detailed carpet design brings out a comparatively muted dining seating ensemble with handcrafted bronze chandeliers symbolic of a type of Native American sun. The partly glazed fenestration with an inlay of wooden door panels and the signature adobe fireplace characterize the outdoor dining experience.

No need of privacy with boulders like these

The built outdoor landscape stays true to the rusticity of the sun tanned exterior facades and the old-style, vibrant interior furnishings. From pitched roof covered patios lined in natural stone and wooden decking, the densely populous dessert flora spread amidst the built structures and the surviving boulder formations play their part in a conducive sustainable habitat.

Spanish influenced pueblo-style construction

The Curio Collection endorsed by Hilton Worldwide known for its rating of high-end and opulent hotels has bestowed upon the Boulders an open hearted entry into the list of luxury hotels around the world.

Nifty hotel signage inscription

Considered the most romantic hotel in Phoenix, arrayed in typical pueblo-style construction with an innate  wooden interior core, the congenital barricade of the 12 million year old boulders dispersed amid the contemporary structures and the interface creating this  harmonious and in-frangible design is pivotal in garnering the admiration it warrants.

Images via The Boulders, CN Traveler, Kiwi Collection, Fans Shareo, Must See Places

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