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When Architects Attack: 10 Weird Buildings From Around The WorldArchitecture | Iconic Architecture

author Anjali Singhal Contributor

Beautiful, attractive and different are some of the key words you give to your architect before your building is designed. But what happens when the architects are not happy with you or are on a quest for all things weird? These buildings from around the world will give you the answer and will leave you with another question, 'WHY'!

The Crooked House, Poland

Reminds us of the spooky rhyme 'And they lived together in a little crooked house'.

Atomium, Belgium

Looks like someone took their obsession with atoms a bit too far.

Kansas City Library, USA

You don't even need to go inside to get a glimpse at your favourite book. Now, that's something procrastinators would love!

Habitat 67, Canada

If you needed a legitimate proof that you can construct buildings with building blocks, here it is!

Nautilus House, Mexico

This is what happens when Flinstones and Roman are the themes for your facade.

House Attack, Austria

It looks like a prank gone wrong, horribly wrong and we have only two questions for this building, WHY and HOW?!

Wonderworks, USA

This is what an apocalypse would make your home look.

The Basket Building, USA

Who's in for a picnic? We are pretty sure that there's going to be enough food in it to feed an entire state! No kidding.

Corpus Museum, Netherlands

Ever had a nightmare of a weird man looking creepily at you? Well congratulations! He just became concrete!

The Fish Building, India

With this, you will never have trouble finding the office of the National Fisheries Development Board.

Images via Designing Buildings UK, Atomium Gallery, Idesign Arch, Tower Trip, The Emerald Magazine, Tripzilla, Leonard J. De Francisci, 20 Letters Flickr, Wikimedia, Noah Seelam

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