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Move Over Nim's Islands: 4 Kitchen Islands To Steal The LimelightKitchen | Kitchen Islands

author Kanika Arora Contributor

There's a tremendous truth in the saying - a man's heart is through his stomach and that begins in your kitchen, queens! The kitchen of today is not just a place to cook but also a place for the family to get together and share some light-hearted moments and the joys of everyday life. Nowadays, more and more interior designers are creating kitchen styles that promote mingling about family members and friends and that's the reason - a modern day kitchen feels incomplete without a kitchen island (right in the heart of it). To begin with, a kitchen island is a stand-alone platform in the middle of the kitchen that provides convenience and efficiency by creating more work-space. This beauteous layout also serves as an ideal place where the cook can socialise with the invitees or for the kids to do their homework under the watchful eyes of their parents. The following story will discuss with you some spectacular kitchen island ideas that'll surely give you all the reasons to host your guests right in the ease of your kitchen the next time you invite them for a social get-together or on an informal dinner!

Style comes with excellence and excellence comes with innovation

Yes, the above statement is completely true and here you can sense it! While designing a space or the layout of a practical spot, you need to be highly creative and innovative to bring out the best of it. Make your cooking room a show stopping focal point and fancy it with all the fervour with a multi-level kitchen island that has variation in its height. Use it with for multi purposes like cooking, eating, cleaning and of course, storing. Design one of the levels of this layout with an appliance (like a sink or stove-top) and create a breakfast bar on its higher tier to make it feel like two different spaces.

A little extra seating is the key to socialised eating

Does your kitchen or dining space lack a proper, extended dining table? Are you planning to modify your kitchen island with a more casual bar-seating option? Fret not peeps! Go for low-profile seating for your glamorous, marbled kitchen island to increase the functionality of your space and make the aura more social for both, guests and the cook. Such seating helps in saving space while bringing scintillating bar look to your cooking room. Design your island with under storage cabinets but leave a counter overhang to offer enough room for the chairs or stools to tuck underneath when not in use.

Don't agonise, organise!

Storage doesn't have to be boring; in fact, it should give you a reason to fall in love again with your space! Yes, we all try to create more and more counter space over our kitchen islands to flaunt classic planters, kitchen tools and decorative accessories. However, getting extremely innovative in designing more storage with drawers, cupboards and shelves will not just help you avoid kitchen clutter but will also fetch you loads of compliments from the visitors for your amazing interior designing skills. If you have a knack for entertaining and you like large serving areas, think something beyond the usual. Design your kitchen island with ample storage in the form of practical cabinets and drawers along with wine racks on one side to store numerous wine bottles and allow you to browse through all your red and whites quickly. 

A luxurious display is the way to take you over the moon

It's time to raise the glam quotient of your kitchen space with an all-new island layout that rides high in terms of technology, functionality and of course, style. Let this trendy layout reflect your own personal style and make you play around effortlessly with your kitchen space all the time. Sinks or stove-tops incorporated into the surface of the island are a great way to spread the work flow throughout the kitchen. It may sound tricky to you, but you just need to pay attention to the details like ventilation and plumbing. Put on a display of your books and awards on the outer side of your open shelves and let the world shake hands with your intellectual side.

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