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author Sephora Arthur Contributor

Gorging into a house bursting at the seams with prodigal and opulent living, here's one of the reviews of the Bieber hacienda, a secluded oasis of arresting lookouts that let you daydream without surcease.

The infinity experience at the edge of both worlds

Among the many famed occupants, the very talked about residency in 2012 of the music industry's doted pin-up boy Justin Bieber, by design entrusted himself with it on his 18th birthday. After taking possession from Hollywood celeb Ashton Kutcher for a whopping 10.8 million dollars, the 9400 square feet, 5 bedroom and 8 bathroom luxuriant residence turned out to be a great steal indeed.


Modern interior decor in white, red and green

There is a magnetic energy that draws you in right away which is undeniably the lake view and the uncandid, untied layout of the projecting spaces. With the recurrent procuring protocol, the original caricature was sketched out by Jeffery and Rochelle Mills from Studio Mills in central London. The apparent fondness for glass and an akin reflective exterior is the designers instinctive riposte to the sweeping glimpses of the Hollywood hills.

Vintage lighting and classic contemporary seating

The structural core is veritably concrete with exposed steel struts contouring the expansive stretches of glass panels. Thereby, opening the door for the inside-outside exchange with an unrestrained engulf of natural light and fresh air. On balance, there is a linear composition of suspended units and cut-out spaces that engage as much as it perpetuates the uninterrupted sightlines from across the reservoir and back. Overhangs secured with glass rails cling to the exterior facade for love of the lake and its naive scenic neighborhood.

Green all the way- the gourmet kitchen ensemble

The peripheral glazed facades are unbarred with little or no severance excluding the rail guards and underpinning steel frames encasing the many structural protrusions. While the exteriors unveil the outside enamor, the interiors revel in the life of riley and sheer indulgence. From comfy timber dominant bedrooms, a high-tech kitchen with all the works, an illusion of a floating dining and a customized private screening room, Studio Mills have made provision with precision and panache. Voluminous spaces take centre-stage particularly in the living zone where soft white furnishings set in contrast with an automated modern fireplace still exuberate warmth, from the red mud stained stone wall and the random stacks of wood burnt firewood.

There's something Mediterranean about it

Adding to the vertical shaft of the dining room on the lower deck, the double height clear glass windows take on a topaz blue at sunset and suspended  in the midst of it all, the crystal chandelier in its delicate virtuosity lit up during meal times. All five of the cliquey timber studded bedrooms, besides the snuggled down king sized beds are unpretentious and devoid of surplus furniture clutter. The upper deck afloat enclosed in seamless glass has views that spill out onto the outdoors, guarded by lush green hedges and native wild species tucked into the rocky domain. Wooden Decks cited all over the place are overlaid with easy on the eye, contemporary styled sit outs following the architectural geometry spanning around the house.

No room for colour with a view such as this

The infinity pool is at close quarters to the water lagoon and is a common breach between the dual environments. The house fittings and soft furnishings are in washed out pearly whites on nude beige floors with undertones of colorful accessories underscoring the partially leaning- to modern decor. Paying homage to a quintessential Hollywood home, the stone floors in amber and taupe juxtapose with the black walnut wooden ceilings diffused with luminous recessed lights and their reflection on all that's glass.

Compound visuals of floating glass on water

Erected in 2008, the mansion infused glass and its open concept is not necessarily a novelty in design, rather is an impeccable analogy to site responsive architecture. In keeping with today's modernist principles and state of the art technology, the terraced house has redefined living in the wild outdoors. Spacious, elaborate, organic-bohemian, these sum up the architecture -interior style of the Justin Bieber mansion soon to be owned by another.

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