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7 Most Colourful Neighbourhoods From Around The WorldArchitecture | Iconic Architecture

author Anjali Singhal Contributor

Colours incite a playful feeling inside all of us. The yellow that can make us smile, orange that makes us want to jump, blue that makes us feel lively or green that makes us feel at peace. They are so many different feeling, emotions and memories associated with each colour that it is never an option to not admire them. To bring the same old sentiments, we bring to you the most colourful neighbourhoods that will make you want to relocate.

Burano, Italy

Staying true to its country, this city is no less than a frame from a dream sequence. This is one city that even rainbow would be proud of.

Rio De Janerio, Brazil

With colourful street art screaming through the facades, it is hard to believe that this is actually a slum that has now become a famous tourist attraction.

Ilulissat, Greenland

Scattered like confetti on snow, the residents of this town never fall short of visual treats and tourists.

Notting Hill, London

An affluent district in West London, Notting Hill is also famous for its streets other than Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

Reitdiephaven, Netherlands

The water surrounding this locality just completes the scenery that this place was meant to be (brownie points for pronouncing the name right).


Wroclaw, Poland

The magnificiently bright colours are an add on to the cultural delights and vivaciousness that this city already owns.

Pattaya, Thailand

With its exotic beaches and blue waters, Pattaya finds a sweet spot with the tourists, who in turn add more colours to the spirit of this region.

Images via Urban Adventures, As Kim Travels Wordpress, Odd Cities, Londonist, Location Scout, Ixigo, Tripoto, Highres HD Wallpapers

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