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Leave Your Other Rooms And Meet The Hotel BathroomBathrooms | Bathroom Decor Ideas

author Kanika Arora Contributor

Have you ever stepped into a luxurious five-star resort where your eyes were delighted with the panache of a stylishly decorated bathroom and you were just caught in the moment? A bathroom that is so unique, glamorous and graceful that you just wished it could be yours to lay eyes on and revel in forever? The bathroom is the most personalised space of your abode after your bedroom that can truly be your haven of escape after a long day at work or a hectic day in the scotching sun. A relaxing shower or a stimulating soak in the tub while your eyes gaze upon the ambience can give you all the happiness, soothe your soul and take you to the world of absolute fantasy. If you are one of those people who love spending time in the bathroom while experiencing luxury, comfort and a sense of reconciliation, you need not to plan a vacation to take pleasure of a resort-life but to remodel your bathroom with some easy-to-adopt hotel-style bathroom ideas:

A heavenly hideaway

You need not to take a trip to the spa every time you wish to pamper your body and feel nourished with all the good feels. Transmute your washroom with a French inspired makeover- cabinets that are a true replication of 18th century French country cabinetry and install a grand Jacuzzi tub to indulge in this refreshing fantasy everyday right in the comfort of your paradise. Brighten up this space with a stunning wall of candle niches that present perfect pockets of glowing light and fill the ambience with romance, passion and glamour that can swing your energy to the level of appeasement and well-being in no time.

It's all in the details

Richness and opulence lies in each and every small thing visible all around within a space! Fine and fantastic details can add much needed colour, glamour and flamboyance to a bathroom space it needs to stand in the world of luxury! Give attention to each little element and splurge on high-end fixtures and custom finishes such as gold and crystal accents to let your bathroom decor perfectly match up with your superstar personality and always remember that the small and minor features can tie the whole space together and add the finishing touch to the look.

Tradition on it's modern side

A vast number of five star hotels reflect the Indian culture in their interior to develop their prestige and leave a lasting impression on their clients across the globe. Let's take a step ahead towards modernity in the interior world while taking a strong hold of our tradition. The spell of patterned metallic wallpaper, bronze fixtures, and sleek and simple elements with upscale touches can lend a bathroom space the most luxurious makeover reminding the charm of those royal mansions. Furthermore, a modern approach of double shower panels on each side of your grand tub can fill luxury and romance in your bath-times with your partner.

The modern luxury says it all

Modern bathroom designs create a simple and clean feeling that is required to relax, enjoy and unwind with every shower you take! A space wrapped in monochromatic and neutral hues itself depicts the clear picture of hotel-like sophistication and grandeur, and sets the mood for ample peaceful moments. Liven up your restroom with a stunning collection of luxurious amenities including heated flooring, a deep soaker tub and dual rain shower-head to attain a setting that truly justifies the meaning of modern. You can also hang a cluster of faceted chains as a window treatment behind your tub for a further wow factor in this theme.

Glamour on the beach

Re-live your vacation by the seaside every time you enter your washroom whether to take a relaxing shower or to ease fatigue in your splendid Jacuzzi tub. Add a true nautical and beachy touch to this bare space with a soothing white and blue fusion on the walls, a sisal area rug and jute rope accents imbuing the freshness and magic of ocean breeze. Choose a round decorative, metallic mirror for your vanity to create a focal point in this coastal theme while adding a royal punch to all your grooming activities.

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