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Laundry Room Ideas That Will Wash Your Small-Space Worries CleanDecor | Styling Ideas

author Apoorva Choudhary Contributor

If your small apartment does not allow you to have a vast laundry room, or, a laundry room- we will help you out with some clever tips and tricks to make the most of what you have at your disposal. With some smart paint jobs, vertical installations and organization hacks, a full-fledged and highly functional laundry room is possible. Take a look:

Multipurpose Rooms

Designating a room for a sole purpose restricts the possibility of multitasking. Turn a spare room into a store, pantry, pet's play area and laundry room- all in one with some smart decor and organizing. Make sure that everything has its own place and cleaning after every activity is a must.

Vertically Functional Spaces

When the square footage is less, it is always prudent to use the walls to the maximum. Install floor to ceiling cabinets, stack the dryer and washer one on top of the other, floating shelves to stow away the knick-knacks; and you will have for yourself, enough space to roam around freely.

White and Light

Make your tiny laundry room appear larger by painting the whole room (walls, cabinets, ceiling etc) in one single light colour like white, beige or light grey. Lighting, if natural, is the best way to illuminate a small space, but an artificially well-lit room will also ensure that the visual trickery leaves the same impact.

It Is The Small Things That Count

Make sure that your laundry room decor is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional with an assortment of pretty wicker baskets. Stow away all the dirty clothes that you would usually pile up on the floor into these. Install a rod and place the washed and ironed clothes on hangers and keep the space organized.

Organizing Is The Key

You need a washer, dryer, ironing board, sink, lots of space to keep these essentials and we understand that it can get messy. If the machines are front load then the tops can be covered with a slab and clean clothes can be folded on it. A drying rack can be used to hang clothes while the top of it can be used to keep lesser used articles.

Smart Is The New Sexy

Keep the lesser used ironing board and large containers hidden inside cabinets and shelves to let you take up one task at a time. Install pull-out drawers, cabinet doors that can be operated with the feet and compartments that have small light fixtures to help you see the contents clearly. A foldable drying rack is also a smart option especially if you do not have a backyard or terrace to dry those clothes.

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