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4 Tips To Make Sure Your House Plants Don't Give Up Under The Summer PressureDecor | Green Decorating

author Anjali Singhal Contributor

Once you have decided to bring in the outdoors, how do you make sure that those blooms and foliage do well out of their comfort zone? If this question has bugged you for long, then, not anymore. We know that all plants need air, water and food but just like us humans, each one has its own required dose, which, if not met with can lead to dead greenery in your home. Some plants do well indoors while there are others that just refuse to come inside. Learn how to pick the best plants and make sure that they have a long healthy life in your home with these houseplant tips and tricks.

Place your bets and plants right

While bringing home some greenery, it is important to pay attention to where you place them. There are some good and bad spots to take into consideration while livening up your home decor. Windows and nearby spaces are good to have flourishing blooms while there are some trouble spots like near the windows, air conditioning ducts, television and radiators that will suck the life out of your plants. Due to their abnormal temperatures, plants close to such objects die early.

Don't go wrong with your pot

There are a lot of objects lying around in your home that can be used as planters but that doesn't mean that you should just pick anything up to start with. It is important to keep in mind to pick something that has one or more holes in the bottom to allow water to flow freely. A planter without one will lead to inefficient drainage that might just drown your roots and kill the plant prematurely. Since summer is also on in its full swing, you should consider pots in non-porous materials. Porous materials like unglazed clay and wood absorb all the more moisture even before it reaches the plants.

What goes inside that pot

No matter if you did enough homework in school or not but while picking the plants for your home, you will have to do it. There are certain flowers like Dahlia and Zinnia that perform well in containers but require a full sun. Others like Fuchsia and Torenia require shade to flourish well. You need to take the habitat of each of these into consideration before making the final list. While at it, also make sure that you don't place plants with opposite nature together. If you place aloe vera and roses together, don't ask us why it didn't work out.

How wet can your plants be?

Each plant has its own water requirements that change with each passing season. During spring, it is fine to water those lively green beings once a week but with warmer weather that will evaporate the water even before the plant can use it, you need to be careful. Water them beauties till the time water starts coming out from the drainage hole and next water them only when the top of the soil feels dry. If you are using saucers for your pots, remove the water from it because it could murder your greenery.

Images via Bubby and Bean, Balcony Garden Web, House Plant Club Instagram

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