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8 Baesic Balcony Decor Ideas For A Romantic NookOutdoor | Terrace/ Balcony Decor Ideas

author Apoorva Choudhary Contributor

Sitting in the balcony with your loved one to enjoy the cool breeze during summer evenings, watch the sunset on a romantic spring evening, cuddle on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the cold winters or watch the rain gods turn everything bright and pretty! No matter what the season is, your balcony is a part of your home, the decor of which should not be ignored. Take a look at our favourite balcony ideas and pick the one that strums the strings of your heart:

Breakfast At Baes

Turn your balcony into a snug dining space for 2 by placing a banquette with complimenting cushions on top for comfort. If the narrow area does not allow a tiny dining table, install a folding one on the wall or bring in a portable trolley with wheels to ace the setting.

The Snuggle Is Real

The Danish style of hygge is all about pleasing your senses and the balcony is one place that could sure use a touch of some comfort and chic. Invest in lantern lights, faux fur throws and cushions, wooden furniture and spend the night in each others arms just silently looking at the stars.

When Books Are Your One True Soulmate

For those who are completely capable of surviving happily in this world on their own, a quiet corner away from the bustling house is what you need. Let your balcony give you the me time that you deserve and spend away those free hours in the company of some extraordinary minds by turning it into a reading nook.

Early Risers

If you and your partner swear by the sun, then a decor that is warm and comforting is what would suit you best. Deep rust and reds alternated by mustard and gold would be the ideal colour palette for your balcony graced with a loveseat to gaze into the eyes of the morning sun.

Hobby Central

When your partner and you share common interest like gardening, painting or listening to music for example, you can turn the balcony into your hobby room, away from the other designated spaces in the house. Spend some quality leisure time in the company of each other and go back indoors feeling fresh and relaxed.

Lounge In Style

Convert your balcony into the ultimate retreat for you and your partner to lounge in style. Do not leave the walls bare and place panels upholstered in soft velvet on them to match your seating. Throw in some cushions, place a pair of bar stools and you have yourselves your very own pub at home.

Contemporary Nature Lovers

You do not need to go bohemian to prove that you are a lover of nature and care about the planet. Adorn your balcony with furniture made from natural materials like rattan and bamboo and install some solar powered lights. Use modern containers to house your favourite succulents and you are good to go!

Hopeless Romantics

When you and bae both are defined by your friends as romantics at heart, then your balcony decor is what would reflect it the best. If you do not already have them, buy some yellow string lights, aromatic candles, comfortable furniture and flowers to decorate the space for date nights spent at home.

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