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6 Whimsical White Bathroom Ideas You'll Never Get Tired OfBathrooms | Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Though most of us consider an all-white colour scheme as a boring and out-dated pick for bathroom designs, this story breaks such stereotype and proves that a white-on-white palette is a safe bet. White bathroom design offers a huge amount of versatility being able to fit in with any possible style that you have in mind and can clear visual and mental clutter while paving the way to absolute relaxation. Whether you are operating on a small budget or are planning to completely overhaul your bathroom, these all-white bathroom designs will certainly bring in a pure and pristine vibe along with inviting light for a blissful, spa-like atmosphere. Take a look!

A modern take

Spread the happiness, elegance and romance of modern royalty within your bathroom decor with a stunning white-on-white scheme. Non-slip cream porcelain tiles, white cabinetry and splash-boards in an elegant-looking colonial cream granite material, combined in a regal fusion are certain to do wonders to your luxurious paradise.

Be bold with a piece of art

A pure and pristine overall white look isn't just enough to stand out in the modern decor world. An earthy element such as a tree stump along with a vase of white branches is a stunning juxtaposition to an otherwise stately white affair and acts as a table to add functionality to the space. You can also install frames and arrange them in columns in the middle of the windows to add visual height and contemporary appeal to the space.

Curves of royalty

Go back to the old times when arches and curves were the essence of royal mansions. Give your bathroom space an imposing edge with a curved ceiling complementing the beauty of a classic chandelier and choose to flaunt some antique decorative accents in this vintage theme. A pair of curved vanities on either side of your bathroom entrance will speak elegance in volumes and take you to the state of regal relaxation every time you enter the bathroom.

Check mate

Every decor needs a focal point and you cannot disagree to the statement! Take the entire focus of your white bathroom scheme down on to the flooring with bold black and white checks. Splashing a few drops of soft green and grey will give this setting an elated look and infuse in all the cheerful vibes.

Partitioned into levels

Take your creativity to another level rather than feeling bored of your white-on-white bathroom decor! Play some intelligence and fun with two-tiered flooring in tile to lend your bathroom space the feel of two different spaces. Add beauty to this relaxation spot with a traditional claw foot tub and throw in some flashes of natural dark wood for some contrast and detail.

The transitional twist

Don't see modern and traditional as two different styles rather combine them into a stunning transitional style to break all norms. Mix modern appointments with traditional painted wood cabinetry to lend your bathroom a unique appearance. Practicality and modernity will get a new meaning with this large dual vanity flanking a central makeup spot beneath wall to wall mirrors.

Images via Design Idea, Home Stratosphere, New Evolution Designs

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