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To New Beginnings: 4 Ways To Revive Almost Dead House PlantsDecor | Green Decorating

author Anjali Singhal Contributor

Are lifeless brown leaves taking over your once green and lively plant? Do you consider yourself unlucky when it comes to bringing in the outdoors? Can your green thumb be substituted for brown thumb? Well, if yes, then join the cult of plant murderers. Sometimes, we have more of dead greenery than living one and that too without a single noticeable cause. If your hands are green with plant blood, then, you must be doing something wrong to be the reason for such fading life. But don't be disheartened at your botanical blunders as we are here to teach you some last minute plant CPR tips that will help you revive these beauties.

Exposed, the right way

Too much sunlight or too little sunlight can be the reason for an early death of your houseplant. Natural light is actually a hundred times brighter than ambient lighting but our adaptive eyes make the change in light seem very small. If your plant is turning pale and flimsy, try keeping it near a window or in the balcony to give it a fair chance of living. Alternatively, if the greenery on your window sill is exhibiting wrinkled, curled and brown leaves, it is getting way too much exposure. Try keeping it in the shady area that receives a little sunlight.


Water for elephants

Overexcited gardeners often make the mistake of too frequent watering of new lush and healthy plants which in turn leads to the plant having weaker roots. When the novelty wears off, those weak roots aren't often watered hence, hampering their life. It is better to know the water needs of a plant at the time of bringing it home and also keeping a track of its dormant periods if there are any. They can also die off too much water which floods the roots, leaving no room for them to breathe. Water only when the soil feels dry and never let the soil become bone dry.

A little hygiene never hurt anybody

The dust particles in the air can settle on the leaves diminishing their ability to function. The layer of pollutants can block the stomata aka breathing pores and substantially reduce the amount of light that is required for photosynthesis. Mist the shoot or gently dust it to make sure that there are no uninvited pests and germs on those shiny surfaces. If you have major OCD, then, you can also try commercial leaf cleaning products available in the markets.

It is all about the closet

The way wearing a single attire for the rest of our lives can make us feel unhappy, being in the same pot or planter can also suck the life out of your plants. Just like growing out of our clothes is a process of growing up for human beings, growing out of pots is the process for plants. The roots expand with time making it cramped up for it. Opt for business class comfort for the cramped up legs of the plants by picking a larger pot.

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