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6 Dining Table And Chair Combinations That Prove Matchy Matchy Isn't The Way To GoDecor | Dining Rooms

author Kanika Arora Contributor

Life becomes fun when it is filled with adventure, excitement and most importantly experiments and challenges. The same goes with the decor! A dining room gets its identity with the right dining tables and chairs - they play an important role in your house comfort, luxury and also on your mood. However, they do not always have to be purchased as a set. You might have heard the statement "opposites attract each other and share the best compatibility than the parallels". Likewise, the matchy-matchy dining furniture sets don't always look that inviting and start appearing boring after some time. Stop following the crowd and be a bit adventurous in mixing different styles, patterns and designs when it comes to purchasing dining tables and chairs for your humble abode. Below is a list of few dining table chair combinations that spark fly when meeting in person and we personally want you to get your hands on these.

Clear and contemporary

A duo that can set the modern decor on fire and leave you spellbound with its fine and clean lines is here to amp up your dining room. You do not have to go extraordinary to maintain the tech-friendly feel in your dinette like rest of your abode. A sleek white table and some crystal clear chairs are just enough to do a bang-up job in retaining the contemporary vibe within your space and adding flavour to your simple interiors.

Modern tells the history

Take your dining room decorations to the next level with a dynamic combination that is fun and interesting. While an elaborate gilt console table will bring in the goodness of history, the complementing bright yellow chairs would imbue a picturesque finish to them. Throw in some splashes of gold with a contemporary chandelier to add further glam to this artsy beauty.

Rustic plus modern

Think a step ahead from the usual and yes you can certainly achieve a decor that can make your guests go green with envy. Get your hands on some wood in its natural glory and use it as the legs for your rustic wooden dining table and settle it down some classic wood-metal chairs to give your dinette a perfect mid-century touch.

Tradition tour

Let your dining room settle down for the best and induce the flavour of tradition with a setting that has the knack of taking you to the bygone era. It is always good to ensure the quality of furniture before investing in and wood is undeniably the most durable and classic centrepiece for dining rooms. For the seating, make a fine combination of colourful metal chairs in a rough finish so as to maintain the retro feel.

Pastel paradise

Pastel shades can give any decor an exotic and gorgeous update while bringing in all the cheerful vibes. You can prettify your industrial dining room decor with an elongated, rustic wooden table and surround it with chairs wrapped in chalky pastel tones to let the magical feel directly land in your eating zone.


Go chic with sleek

You do not have to pay much heed to the rest of the decor when you have chosen the right dining furniture for your eating room that is enough to stand out with all the poise. Maintain minimalism within your space while welcoming all the glamour and luxury with an elongated wooden table and complement it well with sleek leather chairs. This setup just requires a fun addition in the form of silver, orb pendants hung as a chandelier right above the seating to win the decor game. 

Images via AliExpress, Pinterest, Herman Miller

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