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How To Decorate A Rented Home Without Driving Your Landlord CrazyDecor | Styling Ideas

author Kanika Arora Contributor

It may seem hard to decorate an apartment or a house to fit your style when you don't own the property but it is equally as tough to reside in the atmosphere that doesn't complement your style. A lot of people often have the misconception about their rented property that they are not going to do anything to it because they are eventually going to move or maybe their landlord would not allow for. However, lending a personal touch to your dwelling does not necessarily require permanent changes - a few temporary modifications can amazingly revamp the look of your paradise. Here are some easy and impressive tricks you can use while decorating your rented property to turn it into your own personal heaven.

A pretty bed linen can work wonders

Freshen up the charm of your bedroom with something that is quite easy on the pocket and adds instant brilliance to the aura. Invest in a good set of bed linen to simply add luxury to your everyday surroundings and put your senses to absolute rest. Pretty pastel shades with summery prints will not only imbue the authentic feel of the season but will spread their sunshine all throughout the year.

Add some smart wallpaper panels

Though wallpapering is a hot trend these days, it would be a maddening mess to remove in your rented property. Fret not, for you can still permeate the allure of wallpaper in your rented paradise with a bit of intelligence. Add wallpaper to plywood panels and lean them against the wall where bareness bothers you the most. This is a cheap way of adding colour and pattern to a corner and sprucing up the space with all the life it has been missing for a quite long.

Invest in statement lighting

Statement lighting undoubtedly adds a dash of glamour and glitz to any space. Give your bedroom all the reasons to shine like a star and spread an exotic radiance within the space with the spell of statement lighting. Designer lamps, lanterns, pendant lights and candles - all are meant to create mood lighting for a happy ambience and can be positioned as per your convenience or preference, unlike the ceiling lights.

Say it with a framed wall

Be it a rented house or your own property, framed wall is always a great option for living room spaces to capture the attention of visitors. Collect your childhood memories and group them together on a feature wall in a quirky framed display. Lend this style an eclectic twist with an exotic set of mismatched frames and get all set to give a tough competition to the spacious royal mansions.

Bring home a chic wall hanging

Give your bedroom space a break from its monotonous appearance with a simple, elegant inclusion without going overboard. A wall hanging on the wall behind your bed would make a focal point in your boudoir in the form of a gorgeous headboard while covering any sort of doorframe, crack or stain.

Go for modular storage

Modular storage is an ideal storage option for rented properties for, it perfectly fits in the space of any size or shape and is easy to remove at the end of the tenancy. A creative and open design like this will add a contemporary edge to your decor while allowing you to display all your prized possessions with style.

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