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Flourishing Blooms: Plants That You Should Grow Side By SideOutdoor | Gardening

author Anjali Singhal Contributor

Nobody can deny the fact that some things when paired with the right things end up creating a stunning combination and chemistry that is admirable to the boot. Just like ketchup accentuates the taste of the burger and ice cream does it for the waffles, some plants too when paired with others do exceptionally well in the long run. The underlying theory is the fact that certain plants help one another soak up the nutrients and drive away pests. A part of it is folklore and a part is science but growing these combinations in your garden are going to help it grow. Take a look at these plants that are fit for companion gardening.

Melons and Flowering Herbs

Melons need pollinators to produce but sadly are unable to attract them. So, flowering herbs like fennel and dill can attract the necessary pollinators and give you a flourishing yield.


Lettuce and Tomatoes

Intercropping is the art of pairing plants with different needs together to help them grow. Tomatoes usually grow taller and can shade the plants that reside low, which in this case happens to be lettuce that is not very fond of heat. 

Tomatoes and Basil

It is believed by some gardeners that the strong scent of basil improves the taste of the tomatoes. Also, the same aura of basil keeps the pest away that can help you protect your tomatoes while if you let the buds flower, then, they can even attract the essential pollinators.

Roses and Geraniums

Flowers and herbs with a strong taste or scent are known to naturally repel the bugs like beetle and aphids to which roses are an exception. You can protect your precious blooms from those bugs by planting geraniums along with them.

Nasturtiums and any other plants

If there is any particular plants or crop that you want to cultivate in your yard but are deterred by the stubborn aphids, then, trap plants like Nasturtiums can act of use. They lure the devastating insects that will always stick to Nasturtiums instead of other plants.

Images via Bonnie Plants, We Are Found, Clover Food Lab, Pinterest, Google

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