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Play Hide And Seek In Your Kitchen With These Under-Cabinet Lighting IdeasKitchen | Best Kitchen Lighting

author Kanika Arora Contributor

The kitchen is more than just a place where the food is prepared and cooked, it is also where family members gather for quick snacks, little chats and hearty discussions. It is also the place where you sometimes balance your cheque bills and books. Being a hub for a number of everyday chores, your cooking room definitely needs good lighting to add functionality and value to the space. Kitchen lights come in an infinite number of varieties that you must have already installed with poise. However, you must not have thought of adding some illumination under the cabinets of this place that can actually help you see things easily and more clearly. Such lights not only give your kitchenette a much more modern look but also make this space feel more like a showpiece and can turn it into a central gathering place for your family. Below are some of the options in under-cabinet lighting that you can use to get inspired to stylise your cooking castle with a dramatic vibe.

Puck Lights

A highly popular type of under cabinet lighting, puck lights are round and hockey-puck shaped fixtures that throw soft accent lighting over the countertops and backsplashes. These are battery-operated models with LED bulbs that are too simple to stick to the underside of your cabinet or shelves. Such lights make a great option in rental kitchen spaces or in cases where you don't want to deal with wiring lights. You can opt for these lights with xenon halogen bulbs if colour purity matters to you the most, otherwise, those with LEDs would work perfectly well for a long-lasting, low-heat emission bulb.

LED Strips

LED strips are perfect for better illumination if you already have not kept rest of the lighting bright and perky. Though a bit expensive, these lights look extremely luxurious in your kitchen with their slim and sleek appearance. They look a lot more like slim fluorescent strips but actually have a longer life than fluorescents. You will find LED strips in both normal and low voltages with varying lengths and customizable options (if you tackle with uneven cabinetry in your kitchenette). We would suggest choosing fixtures to match up with the length of your cabinets for the most even light distribution.

Tape and rope Lights

If space is an issue, tape and rope lights would make a perfect pick for you! These fixtures are extremely thin embedded with tiny LEDs that will be exclusively secured to the bottom of the cabinets with a peel and stick adhesive. They are quite easy to install and don't put out as much light as the other options, so are perfect for the spaces with strong illumination. Both tape lights and rope lights are almost the same with a little difference of larger diameter in rope lights.

Because it's a bit hard and technical to opt for the right lights to have some hidden illumination in your cooking zone, we would suggest going through the pros and cons of these options before investing in for better outcomes and then transforming your space into the hidden love of lights.

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