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How To Bring That Lacklustre Narrow Corridor Into The LimelightDecor | Styling Ideas

author Kanika Arora Contributor

Corridors and entryways form the beginning of our homes. Though we pay heed to our entrances and lend them an ideal decoration, we usually leave our corridors barren and out of life. For most of us, they are just a passage to pass through which is absolutely unfair and uninviting. A quick and creative makeover to it can set the right tone for your entire home decor and leave your guests spellbound seeing your lifestyle at just the first sight. Space could never be a constraint while designing the corridor and here we have some exclusive ideas on how to make the most out of a narrow corridor you should not miss.

Throw some pattern

When nothing works and things seem boring, patterns come to the rescue. Work with a dramatic pattern to invite all the delight and attention to this place. Design the floor with colourful patterned tiles or choose wallpaper to give those walls a new reason to shine, either way, you are going to bring charm to this narrow zone.

Mirror marvel

Decorating with accessories really makes a space look attractive and welcoming and mirrors are one thing that helps to brighten things up and creates a sense of openness. Decorate with a full-heighted mirror or hang many in small sizes and add some potted plants to bring in serenity and turn the setting from simple to stunning.

Go practical with shelves

Bring those corridor walls into use to enhance the functionality and style of this space. Place an open shelf and if the space allows, line up a collection of handle-free storage cabinets to store all those last-minute essentials you need while leaving your home. Put some baskets and bins for more storage and save the stress and time wasted during the morning rush.

Lighten it up

A statement lighting fixture can add a glamorous feature to your simple and subtle corridor design. Choose a huge classic chandelier to illuminate your pathway and act like an exclusive inviting feature of your paradise. Make sure to go for an intricate chandelier for a better impact or a set of two or three pendant lights can also be the right pick.

Transform it into a gallery

An interesting and eye-catching wall display is a great way to keep your visitors engaged. Hang a fine collection of paintings or wall art to bring some sense of life to the walls. If paintings are not your thing, you can also display your family photographs to give those beautiful memories an amazing place to rest and make yourself feel loved every time you pass through.

Design a book corner

Another great way to add practicality, functionality and intelligence to this passageway is to create a library with wall-mounted or ready-made open shelves. Work on it and display that exclusive collection of your favourite books in a stylish manner. This will not take much space on the flooring in your narrow corridor and will expose the bookworm in you to your visitors.

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