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6 Elements That Can Help You Create A Cosy Living RoomLiving Rooms | Living Room Ideas

author Kanika Arora Contributor

With the change in the weather our home decors too start demanding a change - lightweight blankets need to be replaced by the warm ones, air conditioners need to go off and the fireplaces have to start playing their role. All such preparations are a true reflection of your fight with the chill in the air. However, there are some more interesting tricks that can effortlessly invite warmth and cosiness in your dwelling and you definitely need to get aware of them.

Include a great throw

Work with something in your living decor that fills your senses with warmth, cosiness and softness and adds oodles of class to your seating. A warm, thick and soft throw over your sofas will invite a luxurious feel and provide you a lovely company while curling up with a good book or watching a movie. Opt for something in faux fur or knit fabric that can effortlessly add texture and wrap you up in supreme warmth.

Use mood lighting

Lighting plays a major role in setting a bright, subtle, glamorous and classic ambience.  A cosy decor demands soft lighting to keep the ambience filled with warmth, comfort and peace and mood lighting is the best way to create such a feeling in the decor. Turn off the overhead lights and lighten up your paradise with table lamps, task lighting or even floor lamps to add some texture, softness and a sense of calm in the atmosphere.

Work with textures

It's easy to bring warmth and cosiness in the ambience with heavy textures in soft materials. Soft area rug, woven baskets, chunky cable knit pillows and wood accents all can give a warm welcome to the chilly season and create a true sense of comfort, ease and cosiness.

Jazz up with the sparkle of a flame

The one thing that can never be underestimated when it comes to creating a cosy space is the flames of fire. Whether it is a warm fireplace area or a display of candles and lanterns, building a fire is a fantastic way to fight the frostiness in the air and generate a peaceful and relaxing environment while adding some spark in the setting.

Freshen up with a fragrance

Fragrances in themselves are enough to cheer up an area with a true sense of freshness, purity and elegance. Along with this, they interestingly have a connection to memory and you'll surely agree that certain scents immediately activate memories of childhood, holidays and happy times. So, consider changing up the fragrance in your abode to help elicit a cosy memory. Fall scents would be a great addition to imbue in warm winter vibes.

Hang thick curtains and draperies

The right, fun and statement-making way to imbue in cosy and warm vibes is to decorate with thick curtains and draperies. They make for a perfect style mantra in winter season while providing your windows and doors a warm layer of protection from the chilly winds and creating a luxurious vibe in the aura.

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