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5 Ways To Add A Glow To Your Guest Room QuicklyInterior Design | Guest Rooms

author Kanika Arora Contributor

So the holidays are coming and you might be having out-of-town visitors to be staying with you. But is your guest room ready to give them a warm and homely welcome? If not, you must join us here through this article and take inspiration on how to turn your guest room into a cosy and functional place to stay before the holidays get here. These quick and easy tips will surely help you make a good impression on your visitors and let them live in comfort, luxury and peace!

Clean and change the linen

If you have time for a full-fledged, deep cleaning, it's great. But if you have a time-constraint, fret not and just clean up the hot spots to fill the room with a new, fresh burst of life. Change the bed sheet, pillow covers and blankets with those in bright colours to infuse in a lively, sparkling and energetic vibe.  

Freshen up with flowers

Flowers are a timeless mood-rejuvenating therapy. They not just make an ambience feel fresh, airy and energetic but also look subtle and luxurious and add oodles of personality to the decor. Don't make the mistake of decorating with a giant bouquet, for, it'll make the decor appear overdone. Just make a simple arrangement of fresh flowers in a vase on the bedside table and greet your guests with a fresh welcome.

Keep a basket of snacks, water and towel

It really leaves a bad impression if the guest room is not well-provided with the basic essentials and your guests have to bug you for everything. Make a little zone in the room that is organised with all the things they may need such as a few snacks, water bottle and towels or keep a basket ready of these things on the bed to make them feel a part of your family.

Add bed fuzz

The bed happens to be an important element of a guest room and the stuff thrown over the bed should be the ingredients for a perfect sleep. Make this piece of furniture the focal point of the room and the most relaxing part of their stay by doing it up with extra pillows, a blanket and even a colourful scarf at the end of the bed adding up to the comfort and cosiness of the room.

Sparkle with good lighting

Once all the above basics are done, think about lighting to add more delight to your guests' stay. Simple overhead lighting is not much inviting and doesn't provide enough illumination for the times when someone wants to curl up with a book. You can take a lamp from another room to display on the nightstand or if the pocket allows, invest in a couple of lamps to spread all around the room - it'll give the chamber a luxurious and royal hotel-like look.

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